Animals are less aggressive
Skill 2
Tier I
Type Positive
Duration {{{dur}}}
Animals are less agressive towards you.
Notes {{{note}}}

Animals are less agressive was a Tier 1 passive Skill.

Animals, like the Huge dog, would not attack the player. Instead they would slowly walk up to him and follow him around for a little bit. This skill was especially useful when exploring the surrounding forest and searching the Cottage, when there were four Dogs in the room with dead savages.

Notes Edit

As of Alpha 6.0, this skill has been pruned. It has been replaced by a higher tier (III) skill, Scream, which scares once per day all enemies within sight.

Trivia Edit

  • Before Alpha 2, this skill used to be called Friend of the Forest. It was much more powerful than the later version of it, making animals befriend the protagonist. It was then nerfed to be less overpowered.

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