Assault Rifle
Icon assault rifle
Medium caliber, burst fire assault rifle.
Wolfman - Corpse
Wreckage - Corpse
Item Type Firearm
Item Types
Value 600
Max. Stack
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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Healing {{{heal}}}
Notes {{{use}}}
Notes Requires Medium Caliber Magazine.


Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

The Assault Rifle can be obtained from killing Wolfman or looting it from the corpse of a soldier found near the Wreckage.

Assault rifles require medium caliber magazines as ammo. Each magazine holds 20 rounds.

The assault rifle has better ammo capacity, longer range, and a faster rate of fire than the Pistol, making it one of the most deadly weapons in the game. It fires in three-round bursts.


  • The assault rifle can also be found in a code-locked crate in Wolfman Camp. However, the code is unattainable and the crate cannot be opened via legitimate means.

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