Assault Rifle
Icon assault rifle

Medium caliber, burst fire assault rifle.
Wolfman - Corpse
Wreckage - Corpse
Item Type Firearm
Item Types
Value 600
Max. Stack
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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Notes {{{use}}}
Notes Requires Medium Caliber Magazine.


Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

Three Assault Rifles can be found in Darkwood.

One can be obtained by killing Wolfman. A second can be looted off a soldier found near the Wreckage. Finally, a third can be found on the Road Home when accessed through the Radio Tower Bunker.

Assault rifles require medium caliber magazines as ammo. Each magazine holds 20 rounds. As with all magazine-based firearms, when a fresh magazine is loaded into the weapon, any rounds remaining in the weapon are lost.

The assault rifle has better ammo capacity, longer range, and a faster rate of fire than the Pistol, making it one of the most deadly weapons in the game. It fires in three-round bursts, and can go through its entire magazine in seconds, making it effective for taking on large amounts of weaker enemies like banshee babies or Burning Villagers.


  • The assault rifle can also be found in a code-locked crate in Wolfman Camp. However, the code is unattainable and the crate cannot be opened via legitimate means.

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