Creatures banshee
Nightly Invasions

Radio Tower

Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Melee
Drops None
Health 1
Running Speed 4 (Slow)
Stamina Unknown
View Distance Unknown
Damage Light source
Notes Opens doors, disables lights, summons Banshee Babies. Capable of vaulting over fences.
Release Initial release

Banshees are aggressive creatures in Darkwood. They mostly appear during the night in the hideout the Protagonist is hiding in, although they can be found in different locations in the Swamp at day too, for example, the Ruins.

Banshees look like large, humanoid birds. A banshee's arrival is preceded by a distant, high-pitched scream and a flock of Crows flying over the Hideout. Their footsteps are very heavy, making them easy to hear moving around the hideout. Making eye-contact with a Banshee causes the screen to flash violently with a visage of their faces.

The Banshee boasts a uniquely dangerous and indirect set of abilities. While they do not have any direct attacks, if they get close to the Protagonist, or if the player attempts to attack them, banshees spread their wings and emit an ear-ringing shriek sound that causes the screen to shake momentarily. The shriek will temporarily disable all the light sources in the hideout and call several Banshee Babies to storm the hideout. Banshees vaporize after their shriek, leaving behind a mere silhouette of black soot that can be investigated, but yields no items.

In a special Night Event, a non-hostile Banshee will appear in or close to the hideout and, when approached, will leave behind a ? (Item). This item is possible a newborn Baby Banshee, or a fetus of one.

In addition to that, a non-hostile Banshee can be found seemingly crying over dead Banshee Babies at the Radio Tower, presumably after all of the Banshee Babies have been dispatched.

Another night event exclusive to hideout 1 will cause a banshee to spawn but instead of trying to find the protagonist it will attempt to aggressively breach the hideout, and if succesful, this can leave inexperienced players at the hands of savages and dogs.

Strategy Edit

  • As attacking a Banshee has the same negative effects as letting them come in contact, trying to kill them is pointless. Banshees should instead be avoided altogether by trying to remain mobile; temporarily exiting the Hideout to evade them is viable, but should be a last resort because of the risk of being attacked by the Floor Gore.
  • If a Banshee manages to shriek, it's a good idea to drop down a Flare to light the area while waiting for the lamps to turn back on.
  • The Banshee can warp over traps and fire, but since it lacks the ability to attack directly, it has no way of bypassing barricades. A fully barricaded part of the Hideout is completely impervious to Banshees unless other enemies destroy a barricade and grant them access.
  • If there's no way to avoid the Banshee coming in close enough to shriek, it's best to use Gas Bottles for area denial against the Banshee Babies. They cover a larger area without the inherent risks of Molotov Cocktails, and Babies are weak enough for the gas cloud to be fatal to them.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Darkwood Alpha 7.2, Banshees summoned Red Chompers instead of Banshee Babies.

Gallery Edit

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