Banshee Baby
Banshee kid icon
Nightly Invasions
Radio Tower
Camp (Banshees)
Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Melee
Drops None
Health 12 (Very Low)
Running Speed 6 (Normal)
Stamina Unknown
View Distance High
Damage 5 (Very Low)
Notes Summoned by Banshees.
Release Alpha 7.2

Banshee Babies are aggressive creatures in Darkwood. They are summoned in groups of four by a Banshee's shriek.

Banshees babies have the appearance of large infantile birds. While they have a low health pool and don't hit very hard individually, they are surprisingly nimble, being able to easily surround and stunlock the Protagonist if fought in an enclosed space.

Like the Banshee, Banshee babies leave examinable corpses when killed, but drop no items.

A very large group of Banshee babies can be found on the Radio Tower, on a nest-like environment.

Strategy Edit

  • Area-of-Effect attacks such as a Molotov Cocktail or gas bottle can make short work of a whole swarm.
  • The Acid blood skill can be a life-saver if surrounded.
  • Keep in mind that these creatures perform a short dash while attacking.
  • If the player insists on fighting these creatures in melee, the Sickle is the best weapon for the job. One swipe can kill a baby, and they can be chained quickly to chop down an entire swarm.
  • At range, the Pistol is the weapon of choice. Since one bullet is powerful enough to kill a baby, a small group can be wiped out without the need to reload.

Trivia Edit

  • Banshee Babies were added to Darkwood in version Alpha 7.2 to replace the Red Chompers summoned by Banshees. Only from Alpha 8.0 onwards they can be found outside of a Banshee attack.

Gallery Edit