The Village
Type Minor Location
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Creatures None
Notable loot Scribblings of a Madman 1, Medium Caliber Bullet, Gasoline, Long Barrel, Flare, Pitchfork and Pills.
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Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]
The Barn is a minor location in The Village.

It's empty, with the exception of a number locked chest. The pigs that were likely contained inside now freely roam The Village. The floor is covered in strange drawings and scribbles. A makeshift bed with a note next to it can be found.

Notable Loot Edit

The number locked chest can be opened with the code, which is spread across the Madman Scribblings 1 and 2, one of which resides in the barn itself. It contains random high-tier loot, and the Photo of the Sow.

Gallery Edit

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