The Bike Man is a major character first encountered at Hideout 2.


In order for him to appear, the player must use the Old Bike Bell, an item found at the Workbench in Hideout 2.

Once the player rings the bell, the Bike Man will appear somewhere just outside of the player's current Hideout, such as next to the tractor outside of the window near the Workbench in the case of Hideout 2.

The Bike Man cannot be traded with in the usual sense, since he only offers a service and not any items.

He won't drop anything if killed.

Bike Man's Services Edit

Once summoned, the player can interact with the Bike Man. He will ask for a drink, which the player may supply in the form of a bottle of Alcohol. He will then offer to retrieve all items from another Hideout for the player.

Package Edit

Packages are containers delivered by the Bike Man, found on the floor near the workbench from where the player ordered the Bike Man's services, after a given amount of time has passed.

Inside are the Items retrieved from all containers (other than previously delivered packages) inside the Hideout selected.

Note that items can be taken from the package but cannot be placed back again; thus, it serves as a temporary container of sorts. Players should make sure to empty it out before transitioning to the next hideout. Also note that he will drink any alcohol that the player asks him to bring from another hideout, delivering only the empty glass bottles.

Epilogue Edit

The Bike Man's fate is unknown. It is possible that he perished in the flames of the burning forest or managed to evade them.

Showing items Edit

Notes Edit

  • As of Alpha 6.0, the Bike Man will only retrieve items that are in a storage container, such as the Workbench or a wardrobe, with the exception of the Table Saw.
  • Simply selecting the dialogue option of presenting him a bottle of Alcohol does not consume said Alcohol, as the player still has the opportunity to "Nod" (Yes) or "Shake Head" (No) to confirm or cancel the Bike Man's service. The Alcohol will only be consumed once the player confirms his service.
  • In Alpha 6.1, there was a bug causing items to never be delivered if the player requested for the Bike Man's services in Hideout 3.
  • As of Alpha 10, The Bike Man cannot travel to Hideout 4 in Chapter 2. Perhaps the Swamp's water is too much for his poor bike to tread through. It is recommended to leave the bell behind when finishing Chapter 1.

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