Black Chomper
Creatures black chomper

The Church
The Grave

Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Melee
Drops Odd Meat
Health Unknown
Running Speed Unknown
Stamina Unknown
View Distance Unknown
Damage Unknown
Notes Can be baited with Meat.
Release Initial release

Black Chompers are extremely aggressive creatures in Darkwood. They attack the player during dream sequences and the Prologue.

They are pitch-black carnivores that emit a dark, inky miasma. They attack on sight and are the stronger, more aggressive version of the Red Chomper.

When being killed, Black Chompers drop Odd Meat.

Strategy Edit

The fact that these are essentially stronger Red Chompers and the player won't be able to face one with their preferred gear or any healing items makes them difficult to deal with, but the basic method is the same; don't get cornered and keep your distance, sprint/dodge out of the way of their lunging attack then punish with a charged hit. Four or five good hits should do it.

Trivia Edit

  • Chompers can be split in half with a melee weapon, revealing the lower half of the body, the legs, to be human, while the monstrous Chomper head is still trying to chase and attack the player, leaving a trail of blood behind, until it is killed.
  • The imagery for the Black Chomper is that of the Red Chomper, except black-colored and emanating dark tendrils.
  • Game files mention a test "Blue Chomper".

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