Brook Brook
Dry Meadow
Type Minor Location
Creatures Dog
Notable loot Small Caliber Magazine
Medium Caliber Bullet
Medium Caliber Magazine
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The Brook is a location in Darkwood that appears in the Dry Meadow. It is one of the few locations that appears exclusively on the borders of the map.

The brook is a thicket of tangled roots and trees that form a tight passage into what appears to have been someone's former hideout, containing a chair, wardrobe, an unmovable broken but working lamp, and a generator. A Dog will try to ambush the player on their way out.

Inside the wardrobe there is an Small Caliber Magazine, Medium Caliber Bullet and a Medium Caliber Magazine.

The location is marked with a circle on the Player Map.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player switches on the Generator found behind the wardrobe, a lamp in an unreachable place behind the roots will be briefly lit, revealing mutating corpses and a sight similar to something encountered in the Underground Entrance.

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