Not to be confused with Underground Entrance.


The Bunker Entrance is a major location in Darkwood.

Accessible through the Underground Entrance, the Bunker Entrance is a linear tunnel system. Time is always frozen when inside the place.

The tunnels in the Underground are dark. A light source is recommended to traverse this area. At the end of the tunnel is a Bunker Door, with the number "21" displayed on it. The bunker door can only be opened with the Big, Metal Key, and getting through it is the main objective of Chapter 1.

Once the player tries to leave after walking all the way to Door 21, a small earthquake will occur, and a Red Chomper will start chasing the Protagonist.

Notable loot Edit

There is a dead body, barely visible, containing some Planks at the entrance of the tunnel.

If the player has a shovel upon his first visit, the tunnel to the left can be dug with it. Digging twice (requires a shovel with 100% durability) will reveal a corpse holding several very valuable items, among which are a Long Barrel and a Tubular Magazine. Be aware that visiting Door 21 for the first time will trigger an earthquake that renders the tunnel undiggable.

A gaping, mutating mouth through one of the sidepaths will yield a piece of Odd Meat.

Trivia Edit

  • The body near the entrance used to hold the Map that revealed two major locations: Piotrek's House and the Pig Shed. That map was since moved to the Silent Forest Entry.
  • The Red Chomper inside this location is likely to be the first Red Chomper seen in the game, in case the Protagonist hasn't been through the full sequence of events in the Wedding.

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