Not to be confused with Burned Houses.

Burned House
Dry Meadow / Old Woods Gateway
Type Minor Location
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Creatures Savage (Stick)
Notable loot Large Mushrooms
Common random loot
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The burned house is a Gateway location found between the Dry Meadow and the Old Woods.

On the south (Dry Meadow) side, there's usually a stick savage rummaging about inside or outside the small building, which consists of a few rooms that contain a few wardrobes with moderate loot and large mushrooms. There's also a broken generator on the side. There's a metal door that cannot be opened.

The Key to the burnt house, as well as loot of good value, can be found when entering the house from the north (Old Woods) side. The key unlocks the metal door, granting quick and easy access between the Dry Meadow and the Old Woods.

Trivia Edit

  • The appearance of the house changes depending on the Protagonist's field of view. The fog of war shows a pristine house with an intact tractor and trailer; within the Protagonist's view, however, the place is shown as the charred and decayed husk that it really is.

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