Not to be confused with Burned House.

Burned Houses Icon burned houses
Dry Meadow
Type Major Location
Creatures Several Dogs
Notable loot Fabric
White Dress
Notes A portion of the Burned Houses, as seen in-game.
Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

The Burned Houses are a major location in Darkwood, initially being populated by a large pack of Dogs.

The building complex is located in the Dry Meadow biome, close to the first hideout.

The demolished, burnt-out buildings contain various mushroom patches and a hidden safe under a sofa, which has to be pushed aside. The White Dress and a Fabric can be found in the safe.

A broken well and a disassembled tractor can also be found, respectively containing Rope and the Tire, alongside some Gasoline.

A red swing can be found outside the houses. This place is connected to The Church's dream, as the Black Chomper during that sequence says:

"A red swing
A white dress
A black box
For my girls

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