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Burning Villager
Burned villager icon
Swamp, specifically Hideout 4
Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Melee
Drops None
Health Very low
Running Speed Slow
Stamina Unknown
View Distance Unknown
Damage Very low
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Burning Villagers (known in-game simply as Villagers) are aggressive creatures that only spawn during the story-related Night Event where the radio sets on fire, after the Talking Tree is destroyed by the Protagonist.

Burning Villagers are charred, fiery humanoid figures that run at the player. When in contact they cause the same effect as that of a Glare. Unlike other creatures, they know of the players location at all times (even when hidden). They are immune to all active skills.

They do incredibly low damage, and have low health, but they spawn en masse and have the potential to swarm the player. They stunlock on each successive hit and if cornered/surrounded have the potential to quickly overwhelm and kill the player. They will continue to spawn infinitely until the end of the night; there seems to be no cap to how many can be on screen at once.

They do not drop anything on death.

Strategy Edit

With such low health they can be dispatched of quickly by a Sickle. An Assault Rifle can be used to efficiently to take them out. Or, alternatively, if the player has the Acid Blood Skill, the blood will instantly kill them.

Trivia Edit

Their sprites were drawn directly over the plank-wielding Villager's spritesheet. In the game files, unused sprites still show them as default humans. The unused sprites in question are idle ones, since the burning villagers chase the Protagonist constantly.

Speculation Edit

Given the fact that they are fiery creatures which spawn after the player lights the Talking Tree on fire, and that the tree mentioned before is composed in part by a large number of villagers who used to live nearby, it is probable that they are parts of the Tree, detached from it by fire or by its own will.