For the Silent Forest camp, see Camp (Savages).
Icon camp
Dry Meadow
Type Minor Location
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Creatures Several Dogs
Notable loot Rag
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The Camp is a minor location that can be found in the Dry Meadow.

It seemingly used to be a temporary campsite for multiple people. However, it has become the home of up to four feral dogs. Upon approaching the player will be mobbed by the animals.

There's a pot in camp containing Meat. Clothes can be found scattered on the ground, which can be looted for Rags. There is also two backpacks, one with a half Gasoline and another with a Bottle. Nothing else resides here.

Strategy Edit

  • The Dogs can be lured out with Meat. This can easily clear the entire camp, providing enough time to grab any possible loot and run.

Gallery Edit

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