Centipede icon
Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Melee
Drops Odd Meat
Health 50 (Medium)
Running Speed 4 to 5 (Medium)
Stamina 150 (High)
View Distance Unknown
Damage Varies
Notes Burrows underground.
Release Alpha 8
Centipedes are aggressive creatures in Darkwood. They ambush the Protagonist by burrowing themselves into holes that normally contain loot around the Swamp, and emerge if approached.

The Centipede has a twisted, humanoid appearance: it appears to be a large centipede or earwig-like bug creature burrowing inside a human body. The tail protrudes from the body's left shoulder and has a pincer at the end that the creature attacks with. When a Centipede is killed, the bug inside the body abandons its host and digs away to safety, while the human corpse is left behind and can be looted. If killed in water, the bug dies with the corpse, as it has nowhere to go.

Strategy Edit

Centipedes are very aggressive and have a variety of attacks, some of which can target the Protagonist from long range:

  • The Centipede attacks with its pincer. This is a fast attack that causes 24 damage and can easily stunlock a player trapped in close environments.
  • The centipede charges towards the player, two huge pincers coming out of its chest, snapping twice and dealing 24 damage per hit.
  • The Centipede burrows underground and does a very fast dash toward the Protagonist, coming out of the ground right below him and dealing 19 damage.
  • The Centipede buries itself under the ground, often after taking ranged damage, and attempts to throw off the Protagonist by digging its way out elsewhere.

Centipedes are aggressive, but not very durable. A single shot from the Hunting Rifle or any kind of shotgun will kill it. The Pistol is also an effective weapon, dispatching a Centipede in less than a full magazine. Centipedes are capable of vaulting, and will attack barricades on their path.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Alpha 9.0 (+hotfix), Centipedes could sneak into the hideout during calm nights and attack players during the Time Freeze. As such, players who use older builds should remain alert for a distinctive growling sound, and avoid trading with The Three before clearing out all possible threats.

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