Chain Trap
Icon chain trap
Hunter's Camp
Item Type Trap
Item Types
Value 20
Max. Stack
Crafting 2x Icon scrap metal
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Healing {{{heal}}}
Notes Can be placed as a trap. Hinders movement.
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The Chain Trap is a weapon that functions similarly to the Bear Trap.

While bear traps immobilize their target completely, chain traps render them stuck on a chain for a time, allowing for hindered movement within a limited circle around the trap, similar to Vines. The player, as well as enemies, are still able to execute actions such as attacking while stuck on the chain.

Unlike the bear trap, the chain trap inflicts no damage upon being triggered.

Trivia Edit

  • While being somewhat inferior to the bear trap, the chain trap costs less Scrap Metal to craft. This benefit is offset by the fact that chain traps can't be salvaged once triggered, making chain traps effectively cost the same as a bear trap.
  • Chain Traps can be unarmed to reclaim the full cost of the trap in Scrap Metal.