Alert minor This article contains minor spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.

Characters are story-relevant non-player characters (NPCs) in Darkwood.

There are two types of characters in Darkwood: major and minor characters. Some characters additionally serve as vendors.

Major characters Edit

Major characters play a main role in Darkwood,and may be spoken to in the conversation screen.

Name Appearance Vendor
Icon doctor Doctor Prologue
Chapter One
Icon protagonist Protagonist Prologue
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Icon Bikeman Bike Man Chapter One No
Icon chickenlady Chicken Lady Chapter One No
Icon mirror Mirror Chapter One No
Icon musician Musician Chapter One

Chapter Two

Icon piotrek Piotrek Chapter One
Chapter Two
Icon soldier Soldier Chapter One No
Icon thethree The Three Chapter One
Chapter Two
Icon wolfman Wolfman Chapter One

Chapter Two

Icon child Child Chapter Two No
Icon cripple Cripple Chapter Two No
Icon elephants Elephants Chapter Two No
Icon mushroom granny Mushroom Granny Chapter Two No
Icon snail Snail Chapter Two No
Icon talking tree Talking Tree Chapter Two No

Minor characters Edit

Minor characters play a side role in Darkwood.

Name Appearance
Dial-eyed Man Prologue
Half-dead Man Chapter One
Half-dead Woman Chapter One
Hannah Chapter One
Janek Prologue
Chapter One (Mentioned only)
Madman Chapter One
Pretty Lady Chapter One
Mayor Chapter Two

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