The Child, whose name is Marcinek, is a character found in the Mushroom Granny's home, in the Mushroom Glade, behind a locked door. He is the main objective of the Elephants' quest. He has limited interactions with the player. He will only recite a rhyme, nervously, when the Protagonist comes near:

"One little bear ate some soup, then the second bear came along. Four little bears made a little pow! Along came another bear, and the bears were five."

If the protagonist attempts to force him out of the room to be brought back to the Elephants, he will start screaming this rhyme. If the player has killed Mushroom Granny, his actual grandmother, to enter the room he will cry. Upon reaching the Swamp Cottage, the mother Elephant will take him into another room, where he will be kept for the rest of the game.

Epilogue Edit

If Marcinek was not taken back to the Elephants, and left with Mushroom Granny, he will escape the flames and run back home to try and save his loved ones. It is presumed that he burns along with them if given back to his family.

Trivia Edit

  • Before Alpha 10, Marcinek would disappear after being sent to his room by the Elephant mother, after being "rescued".
    • As of the full release, he's still locked up in there.
  • The rhyme that Marcinek mutters is actually the code to the Old Shed's locked door.
  • If the player kills Mushroom Granny to enter the room, a note will be found on the floor of the Swamp Cottage (once he's returned home). It's a rough drawing of a monster standing in a doorway; this, most likely, is the player.
  • His mother calls him "Marcin". "Marcinek" is diminutive form of "Marcin".
  • In older versions, upon reaching the Swamp Cottage, the mother Elephant will take him into another room the Protagonist can show items to him, but not talk or otherwise interact with him.