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The Child Drawings are found inside the Strange Box, which opens with the Distorted Key.

After opening the Strange Box, Wolfman starts to insult the player and saying that "Meat is wasting his time" and throws the Drawings on the floor, along with a Weird Stone.

The first drawing shows a wolf pictured on it along with a family who moved in a new house in the Dry Meadow.

One of the drawings also represents all of the main characters of Darkwood with all their illnesses.

In the third drawing, the wolf appear to be dead (Presumably due to consuming a red mushroom) and buried.

In the fifth drawing, their house burns (Possibly hinting that the location depicted is the Burned Houses), while most of the family is shown to be running away.

The sixth drawing depicts people waiting in line. The Musician can be seen in line, and the Doctor can be seen directing them towards a trapdoor. (This seems to align with the events of the Church dream.)

The final drawing shows the two children comforting each other while sitting near corpses. (possibly the twin girls from the Pendant).

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Trivia Edit

  • Wolfman appears greatly upset when he see's the pictures, suggesting that he could be related to them.
  • The Drawings don´t seem to have any use in Alpha 7.0 after the conversation with Wolfman.
  • Wolfman could be the dead wolf presented on the drawings, perhaps having been brought back from his death/coma by the plague (Which could explain why he knows so much about everyone).

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