The Church Basement is a location accessed through the trapdoor in the Church Ruins. It seems to have, at one point, served as a sanctuary of sorts for several people, but is now dilapidated and partially collapsed.

The Basement consists of several rooms with plague-ridden corpses like the ones littered across the Silent Forest and the Old Woods, on beds and cots throughout the area. Four of those corpses are latent Red Chompers, like the one found at The Bridge, that will turn aggressive when the Distorted Key is picked up[unconfirmed] or if the radio at the very back is turned on. They can be attacked and killed before they get up and go through the final transformation. Several containers with random loot can be found throughout the place.

Depending on how the "The Church" dream sequence was resolved, different types of enemies will spawn inside the basement:

  • If the player has killed the black chomper and opened the trapdoor, a pack of Huge dogs will be roaming the place, eating the various corpses. These Huge Dogs are less aggressive than usual. The Distorted Key can be found on the Huge Dog that is the farthest into the basement.
  • If the player gets killed by the Black Chomper in the dream, the basement will be empty. However, 4 Red Chompers will be lying still.
  • If the player escapes the Church through the window, the basement will be crawling with chompers and the Distorted Key will still be found at the very back.

If the Distorted Key is shown to the Wolfman, he will open the Strange Box, giving the Protagonist a weird stone and the Child Drawings.

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