Cottage (C)
Silent Forest
Type Minor Location
Creatures Villager
Notable loot Fabric
Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

Cottage (C) is a minor location found within the Silent Forest. It is a small house that has been overgrown by the thick, winding trees and foliage. There are only two rooms remaining and the generator outside is broken.

The path inside is hidden until approached and winds around the rear into a large, mostly empty room. There are only two chairs and a shelf with loot here.

The smaller room off to the side has an aggressive villager hiding just behind the door. He will attack the moment the room is entered and he drops nothing when killed. There is a picture on the wall with Fabric hidden behind it and a crate opposite the door. It can only be opened with a key, which can be found in the previous room.

Gallery Edit

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