Cottage near the Junkyard Icon cottage near the junkyard
Swamp, near the Junkyard
Type Minor Location
Characters Snail
Creatures None
Notable loot Shed Key
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Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

The Cottage near the Junkyard is a location in the Swamp biome, first referenced by a note found in Hideout 4; if the note is picked up the location will be marked on the map for the player.

The area is grey, slimy, and filled with snails - its ambiguous as to whether they are dead or not. A side path to the left should lead to a pool of water which currently serves no purpose. In the central area there is a house with a large shell embedded in the roof. The player can enter this shell, where they will find a character called Snail; this snail is very much alive.

The house itself can only be entered by following and completing the Snail quest, or by killing the snail and climbing through its stomach. The player will then be able to enter the house (which acts as a gateway location). Inside is a small room with a dead body connected to a radio by small vines.

With the Shed Key the player will be able to access a side area. It has a cocoon like object, which can be broken, to free the Snail.

Currently this location has no relevance or impact on the main story line.

Trivia Edit

  • Listening to the radio will result in the Shed Key spawning outside.

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