The Village
Type Minor Location
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Creatures None
Notable loot Wire, Tape, Potato, Rags, Metal Pipe.
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The Crematorium is a minor location in The Village.

To enter the area the player must use a Lockpick on the door. This will lead into a long, empty, rectangular room (likely a barn area for housing pigs) which will be filled with coal. Beyond that is a grassy courtyard with two furnaces, both of which are in use.

In another room (which again requires the use of a lockpick to open), a wheelbarrow, and up to fifteen or so dead bodies can be found. They can be looted for Wire, Tape, a Potato, a Rope, some Rags, and a Metal Pipe.

Notes Edit

  • The furnaces are said to be brick ovens, used to 'bake bread'.

Gallery Edit

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