Raven Icon
Spawns randomly
Precedes Banshee attacks
Behavior Peaceful
Attack type No attacks
Drops Meat
Health Very low
Running Speed High
Stamina Unknown
View Distance Low
Damage None
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Crows (Also called Ravens) are peaceful creatures in Darkwood.

They spawn randomly across the map and avoid other creatures or the player, flying away when approached. They can be killed with various ranged weapons.

Flocks of crows spawn in corpses, therefore, following the point of origin of said flocks may lead the player to useful loot. Banshee attacks in the Hideout are also preceded by a flock of crows.

Trivia Edit

  • Alpha 7.1. removed flocks of crows spawning on dead animals, such as cows.
  • Alpha 2 had a glitch where crows would never spawn. This was fixed on Alpha 2's second hotfix.