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Current newsEdit

  • Leo McCoy

    Darkwood is an unforgiving game, so we have prepared a beginner's guide for you.

    Just click on the image below to get started:

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  • Crowborn

    A Busy Month

    October 29, 2016 by Crowborn

    It's been a crazy, active month since the release of Darkwood's Alpha 8, and with it came changes and improvements to the wiki! Here's a showcase of everything that has changed over the past weeks:

    • We have overpassed the 400 articles milestone! Thanks to everyone who made this possible :) Hard work was put by the community into updating the wiki with all of Alpha 8’s content.
    • The wiki has been accepted into Wikia's Community Spotlight! This means we follow all of Wikia's best practices, and will be featured on the lower "Other Wikias" internal ad!
    • The wiki now has a proper, custom display on mobile devices. Try it for yourself!
    • A major overhaul is being made on the classification of Locations, as the major/minor method is arbitrary and unhelpful (thanks, Mugetron!) 
    • All existing GIFs for characters have been updated (thanks, Lisiicaaa!)
    •  New templates:
      •  now flags an article as being outdated due to a game update. Its previous function, signalling content as having been removed from the game, …
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  • Leo McCoy

    The Tabber Went Live

    September 5, 2014 by Leo McCoy

    Chances are high that if you are reading this, you are reading this through the "tabber" on the Darkwood Wiki front page. It is a neat, compact showcase that can display a large amount of content in different tabs if you click on them.

    So far, we have on offer the following categories:

    • Darkwood news: news bits about the game
    • Community news: news bits about what is going on in the community at Darkwood Wiki
    • Campaigns: announcement posts of all the Early Access campaigns we hold on the wiki and in which you can participate to further the actual development process of the game
    • Patch notes: the most recent Darkwood patch notes conveniently in one place
    • Forum: most recent forum activity

    As a result to having such a valuable extension, the staff is going to put more emphasis on posting high-quality articles on the tabber. Expect a lot more (good) news in the future!

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  • Leo McCoy

    The itembox template has been successfully revised to version 2.0. If you will, go have a gander how it looks, and let us know any feedback or comments you might have on the new design.

    It now features a more compact, two-column style design, and can display the in-game value of an item, as well as its maximum number of stacks, if so desired. The Use category has now been merged into Notes since they both serve the same purpose, and Availability is now known as Location, as to be in line with the new Creaturebox template below. The Itembox template and its updated, extensive documentation can be found under Template:Itembox. (Thanks to wiki user DarkWolfInsanity for his idea and incentive to implement parameters for both value and stack.)

    As we have now begun revising the Creatures section of the wiki, a first version of the Creaturebox template has meanwhile gone live for all the creature pages that we could already find the correct creature image for (cf. Banshee). The Creaturebox template d…

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  • Leo McCoy

    Now that we have finished constructing our pretty infobox template, the individual item pages are getting a first make over. All the weapon pages have already received their new infobox (e.g. see Axe). Over the course of the coming week the itembox template will also come to all the items. We hope to further expand the template in the future.

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  • Leo McCoy

    With Darkwood being in Early Access, the developers are always looking to make the game better. And we can help out too now! Every wiki contributor is invited to provide suggestions for naming the player skills in the game, which are currently still labelled with inconvienently lengthy phrases.

    Simply go to the Name the Skills campaign page and chip in your proposals. The campaign ends at the close of August.

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  • Leo McCoy

    Weapons and Items Pages

    August 11, 2014 by Leo McCoy

    I have started revising the catastrophic Items page, which is a huge undertaking in and of itself. As a first step, I have taken all the weapons from that page, and dedicated an own page to them, as Weapons are fairly rare items in the world of Darkwood.

    I also added a note to each of the pages (new template) that links back and forth between Items and Weapons.

    Needless to say, formatting underwent a drastic change from convoluted, hand-coded tables to plain unnumbered lists that are simple to edit for everyone.

    I have also added additional information in the form of whether a weapon is craftable and, in the case of firearms, which type of ammunition it requires. In that line, a number of page names for the weapons have also been properly renamed (capital letters).

    It should be noted that a fair portion of the weapon images are still sub-par. In general the wiki requires a lot more images ripped straight from the game files.

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  • Leo McCoy

    Wiki Theme

    August 10, 2014 by Leo McCoy

    We have started polishing the way the wiki looks. It would all be done a lot quicker if the integrated Wikia Theme Designer wouldn't bug out every time we upload a custom image to it (it's a known issue apparently). So far, the new logo seems to finally have arrived at the server cache, and the palette colors for the theme are correctly set to what we want the site to look like (darkish, pleasing to the eye, in Darkwood tones). The only thing that is missing now is a new tiled image for the background that the theme designer yet refuse to apply to the final page. We're getting there!

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