The Doctor's House is an Event Location that can be visited three times, the first time during the prologue and a second time after completing Wolfman's mission. The last time you visit the house is during a dream sequence activated in Chapter 2 at the Radio Tower when destroying some mushrooms. Upon completion, a new choice will be unlocked when interacting with him, that will make him bring the player to the Doctor's House zone.

This location isn't on the map and the time is frozen there. There are no enemies either. To exit the zone, the player must ask Wolfman to take him back.

There are three buildings that can be explored, including the Doctor's House.

The House's Remains Edit

The first building is a ruined little house with a locked bathroom.

The door can be opened with the Rusty Key, or destroyed with 4-5 hits with an Axe.

There is a corpse in the bathroom, containing a Weird Stone and an Axe.

The house ends halfway into a giant ravine covered with tree-roots.

The Health Facility Edit

The Health Facility is the second building that can be explored. Be aware that there is a Bear Trap just behind the front door.

There are some beds inside (containing rags), and a madman in one of the room.

The man is the main interest of this building, as he is undergoing some sort of mutation (like the corpses turning into chompers). The player can't engage a dialogue with him and he can't move, but he will speak when the player is nearby, mainly begging to be put out of his misery. If the player kills him, the Rusty Key can be looted on his body. Restraining from killing him has no effect whatsoever.

The Doctor's House Edit

The Doctor's House is the last building of the zone. It's the same house as in the prologue, except its inside has been ravaged (probably due to the attack against the house that can be witnessed at the end of the prologue).

The crate where the Dog Tag was found contains now a Weird Stone. It's also possible to find some interesting loots in the safe (in the room where the protagonist woke up during the prologue after the Doctor has abducted him), like some pill. The Torn Photo can also be found on a table.

There is a corpse with the Bloodied Hat in the room where the protagonist killed the guy during the prologue.

A locked safe can also be found at the center of the house. The combination isn't random and is marked on the floor of the house (8459). Inside the safe lay the Toy Rocket, the Key to a train car and a Map that unlocks the Train Wreck location on the player's map.

Trivia Edit

  • If the Doctor's Dog was killed during the Prologue, a Huge Dog will be found in its place near the dog house.
  • Before Alpha 3, the player could sneak through an opening on the house's fence, eventually leaving the game's borders and potentially crashing the game.

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