For the stronger enemy, see Huge Dog.
Creatures dog
Spawns randomly in the Meadow Biome
Rarely spawns in the Forest
Camp in Meadow

Burned Houses
Rocks in Meadow
Spawns in Hideout 1 at night

Behavior Passive
Attack type Melee
Drops Meat
Health 20
Running Speed 2 (10 when sprinting)
Stamina 90
View Distance 450
Damage 15
Notes Can be baited with Meat.
Release Initial release

Dogs are passive creatures in Darkwood.

They constantly roam about the Meadow, but may also spawn in predetermined locations such as by the Wolfman Camp or the Burned Houses, rarely they can spawn in the Forest. They spawn near the Hideout during the night phase.

Dogs do not immediately attack on sight. Only if the player stays in their aggro range, indicated by repeated growling, do they give chase and attack. Each bite will take 1/3 of a health pip from the player. Should the player hit the dog with a ranged weapon such as a Stone, it will also become aggressive. Dogs will also attack immediately if the player comes within melee range of them.

Being territorial animals, Dogs will attack other creatures on sight if they cross paths.

Dogs may howl, attracting all nearby dogs to help them.

Variants Edit

Besides the regular variant of a Dog, there are also pregnant/infected dogs that will spread puppies or parasites that will attack[unconfirmed] the Protagonist.

Strategy Edit

  • A dog's attack can be interrupted by a successful melee hit. Once engaged a dog can be kited by constantly walking backwards and swinging when the dog enters attack range.
  • Given enough stamina, dogs can be outrun.
  • They can also be lured with Meat.

Trivia Edit

  • Before Alpha 6.0, Dogs became peaceful once the skill Animals are less aggressive was learned, and would even follow the player around for a limited amount of time.
  • The Protagonist has a pet dog, Szurek. Szurek can briefly be seen in the Epilogue, and the only interaction with him is petting him. It should be noted that Szurek is the real-life pet of the game's developers, Acid Wizard Studio, and therefore his presence in the game may be more of an easter egg than a canon occurence.

Gallery Edit