Creatures elk
Spawns randomly at the Dry Meadow and on the Silent Forest
Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Melee
Drops Antler
Health 150
Running Speed 4/6
Stamina 100
View Distance 500
Damage 25 Charge
Notes Charges at the player in a straight line.
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Elk are aggressive creatures in Darkwood.

They are sometimes found at the Dry Meadow and Silent Forest biomes.

It is required to be cautious when approaching an elk at the beginning of the game, as they are tough to kill with early game equipment, and will charge at the player almost on sight.

Upon death, they drop an Antler.

Strategy Edit

One of the best strategies to deal with elks in an early stage of the game is to bait them into a Bear Trap and them beat them to death with a damage-upgraded Plank With Nails. If executed correctly, they will drop dead at the same time they manage to escape the trap.

Later on, the Shovel and the Axe make short work of elk, especially with the Sharpened upgrade.