Entrances are a type of interactive scenery that acts as a significant factor in the defensive gameplay of Darkwood.

Silent Forest Hideout - Night

The Protagonist hiding behind barricaded entrances during the night

For the cost of Planks and Nails, the player can barricade and repair various entrances, the use of which is important for defending one's Hideout, especially at night.

Variants Edit

Wooden Door Edit

The majority of doors in Darkwood are wooden. They can all be broken down with a sufficiently strong Melee Weapon.

Wooden doors can be barricaded by the Protagonist for the cost of three Planks and seven Nails. A barricade will prevent the door from being opened in a normal fashion, and a forced entry will also take longer. The barricade has roughly triple the health of the door itself, effectively quadrupling the damage it can take before breaking down.

The player can also dismantle their own barricades, returning two Plank and five Nails. Doors not barred by the player cannot be dismantled, only broken down.

Some doors, such as the one on the northernmost room of the Prologue's house, will jam after being open. This requires the player to apply a single melee swing on them, in order to get them open.

Window Edit

Unlike doors, windows can never be closed by themselves. Most Creatures, as well as the Protagonist himself can easily vault through windows, making them a big gap in a hideout's defense unless barred.

Barricading windows functions identically to the barricading of wooden doors, having roughly a third of the health, as well as costs and returns for building and dismantling. A significant difference is that small holes remain in the window barricade that can be peeked through and that the barricade can be destroyed much faster.

Metal Door Edit

These doors are much rarer than their wooden counterpart, often barring the way to something quest-related, such as the door in Chicken Lady House. Metal doors cannot be broken down, and can only be opened via the use of specific keys or codes.

Metal doors can not be barred and are not found in Hideouts.

Armored Door Edit

Main article: Bunker Entrance

The armored door is an unique bunker door located in the Bunker Entrance that can only be opened with the Big, Metal Key. Going through the door will permanently move the player to the Swamp, starting Chapter 2.