Essence is required to unlock new Skills in Darkwood.

Obtain essence by cooking Hallucinogens at an Oven.

Cooking Edit


The syringe must be filled to access the next skill tier

Using the Oven found in a Hideout opens the leveling screen, featuring a syringe that must be filled with a dose of essence in order to reveal the next skill tier.

Oven Efficiency Edit

The hideout in each Biome features an oven with a unique efficiency rating. This rating affects the amount of essence retrieved when cooking by multiplying a hallucinogen's base essence amount: for example, a hallucinogen with 20ml of base essence, when cooked at an oven with an efficiency of 4, yields 80ml of essence.

Hallucinogens Edit

As of Alpha 7.1, only hallucinogens can be cooked to yield essence.

Name Base Essence
Icon cockroach Cockroach 30
Icon dead rat Dead Rat 30
Icon embryo Embryo 40
Icon fish Fish 15
Icon odd meat Odd Meat 12 or 15
Icon odd mushroom Odd Mushroom 12
Icon odd mushroom night Odd Mushroom (Night) 20
Icon red chicken egg Red Chicken Egg 25
Icon ? item ? (Item) 25

Doses Edit

The dose required for each skill tier increases per tier.

Tier 8 is the final skill tier. The tooltip will read "I can't inject any more essence..." when mousing over a hallucinogen in the oven interface.

Dose Cost
1 50 mL
2 150 mL
3 480 mL
4 800 mL
5 2400 mL
6 4000 mL
7 10870 mL
8 16000 mL

Trivia Edit

  • Before Alpha 8.0, the first dosage would require 40mL, while Odd mushrooms would yield only 8mL each. Similarily, all other dosage tiers would require smaller amounts of Essence in order to be obtained, with the exception of the 9th (which is presumably a placeholder value).
  • As of Alpha 7.1, tier 8 was the final skill tier, with tier 9 requiring 865250 mL.