Exploding Barrel
Icon exploding barrel
Hideout 4
Item Type Trap
Item Types
Value 40
Max. Stack
Crafting 1x Icon scrap metal
0.35x Icon gasoline
Repair Cost {{{repair}}}
Healing {{{heal}}}
Notes {{{use}}}
Notes Can be placed as a trap. Explodes from fire.
Release Alpha 8.0

Exploding Barrels can be placed on the ground and moved around much like Furniture.

When shot with a firearm or lit on fire, for example with a Molotov Cocktail or a trail of Gasoline lit by a Matchstick, the barrel instantly explodes, causing heavy damage to anything in close vicinity.

Matchsticks by themselves are insufficient to trigger the explosion.

Trivia Edit

  • Exploding barrels are almost identical to gas tanks, but lack the jet propulsion.
  • The possibilities of targeting Exploding Barrels with guns and picking them up after placement were both added only in Alpha 9.0.

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