Final Dreamscene walkthrough (this is one possible ending / there are different ways to get to the end and "beat" the game):

Pick up the Military Flashlight in the Backpack. Walk through the tunnel system, past the messages on the floor:
FD 4
a) Now go down as good as it works (its dark and confusing), don't go left or right too far, you need to find the deep water.

If you found it, go on to next passage, if not:

b) Worse case (you need to manage some enemies) = If you suddenly see a bed, and soon meet some villagers who tell you to leave ("what do you think you are doing here?"), one attacks you if you don't move, another one is blocking the way, sitting there, telling you "got lost, poor fellow.." = Turn around and dodge the Red Chomper, who appears next to you. Try to not get hit, go through the passage the villager was blocking before. Run and dodge the attacks of the Chomper. Run down (south) until you see the Deep Water, pass it and run through the big Metal Door. You did it!
FD 5

Remember this Door? ;)

You wake up in the room from the beginning (prologue). Take a deep breath, before you go on:
FD 6
To access the trapdoor you need to craft a lockpick. You can find wires and rags in the Clothes on the floor. Craft a bandage too, as you need it soon.. Open the trapdoor and take the shovel. Destroy the door with it. If you remember the prologue, go to the room with the radio. Push the wardrobe away, you will see a man bound on a table. On the top of the room is a crate, go and open it quickly, you need the club
FD 10
and the pills immediatly, as two Black Chompers storm in the house and hunt you. Try to not get hit too often, use the bandage if you need, but keep the pills (you need them later). One tactic is to run around the table, and hit the two one by one with your club - whenever the situation is favorable. With this tactic you can kill both. A better tactic is to avoid them and dodge (2) and run out of the window (3) and down to the next house (4):
FD 11a
In the next house you need to kill or dodge another Black Chomper (5), hit the stuck door with your mele weapon to open it and run to the backpack with another bandage (7).
FD 12a
Now comes the tricky part: It's night so outside the red worms try to eat you, so you can't stand still! Use your pills and bandages, if needed, but run as fast as possible to the right (8) and than up, dodge the red worms (9) and if you are fast and lucky you get to the "mother and mouth of all evil" and the ending (epilogue only after final release).
FD 13a
Alert major


Don't read, and don't scroll down, if you don't want to see "the end"...

Alert major


FD 15 (2)
Run through his mouth, as soon as he opens it!
FD 14
FD 15

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