Floor Gore
Gore icon
Spawns when player is outside of a Hideout during the night
Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Melee
Drops None
Health Unlimited
Running Speed Fast
Stamina Unknown
View Distance Unlimited
Damage Low
Notes Cannot be baited, killed, or stopped.
Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

Floor Gore is an inky red mass that pursues the player if they are outside of their Hideout or if the Oven is not lit at night. It will not stop at any obstacle, always taking the straightest path to the player.

The gas that fills the hideouts seems to repel the creature, causing it to give up pursuit. It will mercilessly attack the player, rapidly draining health until it kills. A grainy visual effect will slowly worsen the closer to death the player is.

Gallery Edit

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