Generators are key aspects to survival and Hideout management in Darkwood.

The first Generator available to the player after the Prologue is the one in the shed behind the Dry Meadow Hideout, but other buildings and Hideouts may also have a Generator near them that you can turn on.

Generators that have fuel in them can be turned on to provide power to a building. This allows you to turn on and off any lamps located throughout the building in order to see better (and also be seen better) during nights, as long as the generator remains on. Lose power, and all lights will go out.

You can refuel a Generator by equipping a can of Gasoline, holding right click, and then holding left click over the generator when prompted to. A bar will appear on the lower screen, indicating how full the generator is through 8 "ticks". Using one full can of gasoline will refill approximately 3 1/5 ticks of the generator, requiring approx. 2 1/3 cans for it to be completely refilled from an empty state. During a full night, starting the generator at 20:00 and shutting it off at 8:00, it will consume 2 1/2 ticks of gasoline.

Fuel consumption is halted during Time Freeze, so after a night has ended there's no need to rush to the generator to shut it off. Just remember to do so before leaving the area.

It should be noted that the Sawmill uses a separate gasoline source. They do not share tanks and must both be refilled and used separately.

Strategy Edit

  • For new players surviving in the Dry Meadow Hideout, it is recommended you do not use the generator for the first night, unless you have safely barricaded all of the windows. The lamps will attract unwanted attention from Savages. It is recommended that you find Wood and Gasoline immediately, so you may barricade windows and doors.
  • Until the player has leveled up once and recieved the Shadows trait, other than reduced view there are few negative consequences to staying the first few nights without lights. The positive ones far outweigh this, you will draw less attention to yourself, you save gasoline, and if anyone (or anything) should enter your hideout they will have a much harder time spotting you.
  • After leveling up, however, you will start getting frequently attacked by Shadow creatures that are difficult to combat without a reliable light source, and managing your generator at night becomes much more cruicial.
  • Shadows can temporarily disable torches, flashlights and lamps but will always leave at least one lamp functioning throughout the hideout. If nights are spent camping out in one room, it is advised to move all your lamps to that room so you'll always have a reliable light source.
  • The Three will always sell at least one gasoline can each morning which is almost full, costing between 50 and 60 Reputation depending on how full it is. Due to the rate at which generators consume gasoline and the fact that surviving a night gives you 100 Reputation with them for free, as long as you manage not to die most nights this can be used as a limitless supply of gasoline which will always last through the next night, while still leaving you with 40-50 Reputation left for other things.

Trivia Edit

  • In the early Alphas, the devs planned to implement a talking Generator. This can be seen on one of the Pre-Alpha trailers. The idea was that the Generator would begin talking after a certain amount of Essence was injected, but its ideas for implementation were too vague, and it didn't make it into the actual game.
  • Also in the Pre-Alpha trailers, there are references to a creature that "likes to drink gasoline". This would probably mean that fueled generators would attract it, but the idea was later merged into other creatures.
  • Prior to Alpha 1.2, players could quickly turn Generators on and off, creating an effect jokingly referred to by the game developers as "disco with the generator".