Swamp shine icon
Behavior Passive
Attack type Ranged
Drops None
Health None
Running Speed None
Stamina Unknown
View Distance None
Damage Very Low
Notes Invulnerable. Warps around during Night Event.
Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

Glare is a strange phenomenon found around the Swamp. But sometimes it may appear as a night event in hideout 3 and hideout 4.

It is a violently radiating red shine that emits an ear-ringing noise. Upon entering its surrounding red aura, staring at the epicenter of the Glare causes the player's vision to turn red and drains health. The Glare is untouchable and cannot be harmed in any way.

The Glare only causes harm if its center is in the player's immediate vision. The player can get very close to the Glare without being hurt as long as the epicenter is outside of the player's cone of view.

Strategy Edit

Gallery Edit

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