Alert minorThis section contains minor spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.

Hanuska is a minor NPC in The Village.

A piece of dialogue with the Chicken Lady reveals her name and backstory. Hanuska is a village woman who at some point gave birth to an 'abomination' of which "even them mongrels tucked their tails and yelped when they saw it". Following this, the other villagers burned down Hanuska's house and took her child away. Her husband died in the fire.

Hanuska can be found sitting in a chair in the ruins of her house. Initially, she does not respond to the Protagonist's presence. When the player takes the Small, Plastic Doll from the crate next to her, she'll repeatedly say "Kill the pig." implying heavy resentment towards the other villagers for burning her house and taking her child.

Her child can be found inside the Village Well: it is the unique Small Red Chomper and carries the Small, Burned Plastic Doll, which is a burned but otherwise identical version of the Small, Plastic Doll found in the crate by Hanuska.

When killed, Hanuska drops a Knife and a Cable. The implications are clear: Hanuska is the one who severed the cables at the Pig Shed. Consequently, Hanuska is responsible for the Pig Farmer dying when the Sow could then not be stunned for feeding, and is (indirectly) the reason that the Village is going through a famine.

Trivia Edit

  • This character was originally named "Hannah". In Polish, Hanuska is a pet form of the same name.
  • Hanuska's backstory was added to the game before she made an in-game appearance. Only in later versions was her identity finally revealed. For a while, this had caused a lot of rampant speculation as to her identity, with suggested theories being that Hanuska was the Chicken Lady, the Pretty Lady, or even a Janek's second sister.