Not much is known about the person Hannah; only one piece of dialogue by the Chicken Lady refers to her directly. A person that might be Hannah can be found in the ruins of a burnt house in The Village. There is also reason to believe however that Hannah might be the Chicken Lady's mother, and that she herself does not appear in game. Or she could even be the Pretty Lady.

Speculation Edit

According to the Chicken Lady, Hannah's husband "made her a child so ugly even the dogs turned their eyes away".

Hannah's House Edit

In saying this, some theorise that Hannah lived in the (fan-named) Hannah's House; the husband seems to have been burnt in it, and the child was taken away. The house is occupied by a single rambling old woman. She constantly repeats "Kill the swine..." She might be Hannah, though she does not have an official name.

Next to her is a crate that contains a Small, Plastic Doll, nearly identical to the Small, Burned Plastic Doll found on the Small Chomper in the Village Well. By the looks of it, the Chomper in the well is indeed the child that was hidden away from her and the town's populace.

This however might be a separate event entirely, and might have nothing to do with Hannah herself.

Mother Edit

There is slight evidence to suggest that the Chicken Lady is the child of Hannah, and that Hannah herself isn't in game. The description Wolfman gives of the Chicken Lady is that she is hideously ugly - as referenced when he discusses the Pretty Lady with the player, after completing his quest. She is apparently so repugnant that Wolfman won't go into her house to eat the roaming chicken, until after the player has killed her. This correlates with the description of the child "...a child so ugly even the dogs turned their eyes away."

Much like most other characters in Darkwood, she is seemingly crazed, housing chickens like she does and talking to them. This might include her entering a dis-associative state, where she has started viewing herself in third person. This means, when she discusses the child of Hannah, she is referring to herself; her mind however, to cope with trauma, might've stopped her from viewing it as such. This however is only speculation.

If this speculation is to be believed, Hannah could be anyone. With the age of the Chicken Lady however, Hannah would likely be quite old.

The Pretty Lady Edit

Some believe that the Pretty Lady might be Hannah. The only contradiction to this is the fact that Hannah has, seemingly, had a child. The pretty lady doesn't seem to be in an able state to do so, and has been locked in the house for who knows how long - it's likely she wouldn't have had a child in the past. If she has indeed given birth, nothing currently in game is in reference to it.

Notes Edit

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