Hideout 3
Old Woods
Type Major Location
Creatures None
Notable loot None

Hideout 3 is a location in the Old Woods biome. It is a large building, with several rooms and hallways. There are 3 wardrobes at Hideout 3 and some good items lie in them.

Hideout 3 is the most dangerous place to stay at night, because every night it will be visited by some chompers and banshees.

Tips Edit

  • Hideout 3 has two generators, one is located on the other side of the wall where one finds the oven, this is the functional one.
  • Survival in hideout 3 is similar to the rest of the Old Woods, stealth is key. Avoid making loud noises and stay away from the windows. This goes for all hideouts but Hideout 3 is the most important.
  • This hideout has lots of hallways and rooms, use this to your advantage to lose enemies if you can't fight.
  • It is arguable that once fully secured, hideout 3 may be the safest in the game at the moment. This is highly debatable however.

Trivia Edit

  • This seems to be the only hideout in the game that isn't based on a location from before Alpha 2.0
  • The tiles and layout suggest this may be a lab of some kind.
  • Before the removal of The Well, the player had to collect a bucket in one of the wardrobes, in order to build the well and be able to drink from it.

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