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Type Major Location
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Creatures Nightly Invasions
Notable loot Gas Tanks
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Hideout 4 is the Protagonist's hideout in the Swamp biome. The player already starts Chapter 2 on it.

It is composed of a handful of buildings, 2 of them in a decent condition, and some more in a dilapidated state. The Compressor can be found in the starting room, and can be used to refill the Oxygen Tank once that is in the player's possession. A couple of placed Gas Tanks and two Exploding Barrels can also be found around the buildings. A chest near the Compressor, covered with the Black Substance, may be found which contains random loot items and serves as a stationary container (good for gasoline).

In the room adjacent to the workbench area, a locked metal door can be found. The door remains locked until the player has retrieved the Child and returned to the Hideout, whereupon the door will be open and the Musician will be found hiding in the room behind it. It should be noted that in this room, health drains rapidly, likely to prevent camping there during the night (as metal doors cannot be broken). Further, there is a blocked-off area in the ruined building that the table saw is in front of which contains an empty wardrobe, but is not physically accessible.

During the night a pair of enemies will invade, usually of the same class/type. Unlike other hideouts however these vary from night to night. They can include Human Spiders, Red Chompers, Huge Dogs, Savage (Sticks), and Centipedes. All Night Events can occur.

Strategy Edit

  • This hideout features repairable fences which can be vaulted by the player but not by some enemies. Also, there are 4 destroyed Wardrobes which can be repaired. Like all other hideouts, it has a repairable Well too.
  • On one of the pathways between buildings, one of the peaceful, eye-like creatures present in many Swamp locations can be found. When in sight of the player the eye is shut, likely in self-defense, and it releases a reddish light similar to the Glare in place of a tentacle. This doesn't damage the player; however, it can be used to burn the Black Substance off of creatures and objects.
  • Banshees are one of the most common enemies encountered in this Hideout. They can be relatively easily thwarted by ensuring that doors and windows are properly Barricaded.
  • This hideout provides, by far, the greatest amount of rearrangeable storage space (and also storage space overall) to the player. The room directly adjacent to the Oven area is extremely defensible and completely fortifiable, and the building it is part of overall shares a great similarity with Hideout 1. Wardrobes can be arranged to provide necessary storage space for ammunition and other resources for nighttime defense. Further, all three lamps can (and frankly should) be arranged in the same room or at least in adjacent rooms to mitigate the effects of the Shadows, as the mechanics of the Shadows tend to be very unforgiving here when the lamps are far apart.
  • Here is a possible Strategy for the room next to the oven:
    Hideout 4

Bugs Edit

  • Fences can trap enemies, stopping them from walking or moving anywhere for the night.
  • The Compressor can strip the player of their Oxygen Tanks when used. The tank will disappear from the game. solved (tested with Beta 2.0)
  • Broken barricades should disappear but may continue to exist (visually). They will need to be repaired however to serve their function. solved (tested with Beta 2.0)
  • After Alpha 9.1 the door to the room directly adjacent the room with the Oven may become permanently locked after the first nighttime radio event (even breaking the door down and rebuilding it does not cause the door to be unlocked). This is confirmed to be a bug and is intended to be fixed in the next release. solved (tested with Beta 2.0)

Trivia Edit

  • Before Alpha 9.0, Centipedes could spawn in and attack the player during the Time Freeze. While this was presumed to be a planned feature, changelogs revealed it to be a bug, that has since been fixed.

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