Junkyard Icon junkyard
Type Major Location
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Creatures Human Spiders
Notable loot Compressor Parts
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Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]
The Junkyard is a location in the Swamp biome. The Protagonist must travel there in order to find Compressor Parts, in order to fix the Compressor in Hideout 4.

It is a maze-like place composed of large piles of scrap, that can be dug for items. Digging a junk pile requires a Shovel with a condition of at least 50%, which will be drained from it upon digging.

The Compressor Parts Location Map can be used to locate loot in each junk pile.

The Junkyard is a very dangerous place, as its tight environment difficults combat as well as escaping from the creatures that dwell there.

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