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Can be used as melee weapon or thrown. Does not interrupt enemy attack.
Crop Field - Corpse
Random Swamp Corpses
Dry Meadow Hideout - Bonus Crate
Item Type Throwable Weapon
Item Types
Value 100
Max. Stack
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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Notes Suffers durability loss on usage.


Release Alpha 8.0

The Knife is a powerful throwable weapon.

The knife, when thrown, flies at a higher speed than any other throwable and deals a hefty amount of damage comparable to the Single-shot Pistol. The knife can also be retrieved from the ground if it missed, or from the target's inventory after its death. The quick attack of the knife is a 3 stab flurry that consumes little stamina, making it a fast melee weapon if the need arises.

It should be noted the knife is very small and easily lost when thrown haphazardly.

Calculating based on a knife's Reputation value to measure durability, a knife loses 13% durability on a throw, 5% on a quick attack to a non living target, and 7% on a quick attack to a living target. hitting non-living targets, and 6% on hitting living targets.

Knives can be found in various Locations. The can also be found frequently on random corpses in the Swamp Biome.

The knife will also disappear completely if it is thrown onto an opponent that despawns, such as nightly invaders at dawn.

Trivia Edit

  • Alpha 9 removed the possibility of repairing a knife. Before, such action would cost 2 pieces of Scrap Metal and 2 Boards. This update also fixed disappearing/non-retrievable knives.
  • Before Beta 3.1, the knife's flavor text stated simply "Throwable".

Gallery Edit

Knife comparison

Damage done when throwing the knife, and when single-hit ting a full health Elk with the 3 hit flurry.

Knife Stamina Consumption-0

Knife stamina consumption on throw and on the three stab alternate attack, all the three stabs will consume the same amount of stamina as the throw if not interrupted.