Icon lantern
Rare random loot
Item Type Light Source
Item Types
Value 100
Max. Stack
Crafting 2x Icon bottle 0.2x Icon gasoline 1x Icon rag
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Notes Passively lights a circle around the Protagonist. Must be placed in the hotbar. Suffers durability loss over time. Cannot be repaired.

20-22 min

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The Lantern is a light source in Darkwood. It's the only passive light source in the game, activated as long as it's on the hotbar. It emits a warm glow around the Protagonist, much like a torch.

Lanterns are disposable. They cannot be re-used, refueled or repaired, and once their durability expires, they vanish from the inventory.

Lanterns do not work during the Shadows night event.

Strategy Edit

Lanterns are useful when exploring a dark location in daytime, as unlike handheld light sources, the Protagonist can also wield a proper weapon.

Despite its ineffectiveness against Shadows, having a lantern is also handy during the night, in case of an Earthquake night event or a Banshee's scream knocking out all the lights nearby.

Trivia Edit