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Maciek conversation

Maciek is a major character in Darkwood.

He is first mentioned in Chapter 1, where a journal in Hideout 3 establishes that he was one of the Outsiders operating in the Old Woods. The journal further explains that Maciek was slowly going insane, and eventually stole a flamethrower and disappeared into the woods.

He can then be found during the Epilogue in the True Ending as a mostly naked (he appears to be wearing dogtags), emaciated Sleeper clutching the aforementioned flamethrower. The player has to forcefully take this Flamethrower from him in order to kill The Being. He will then pursue the player and attack them until he unless he is burnt to death. He will die in the fire with the other Sleepers and the Protagonist.

Trivia Edit

  • The Protagonist recognizes him as 'One of our own', all but stating that Maciek is a member of the Outsiders.

Gallery Edit

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