The Madmen are minor characters in Darkwood.

As the name implies, they are insane people that appear in a few places throughout Chapter One. One can be found in The Village, sitting in a corner in the house just below the mayor's house. A second one can be found at the Doctor's House, as the sole survivor of the Doctor's patients. A third madman can be found in the Church Ruins, and will tell you the code to get into the Church Basement.

Another two madmen can be found in the Swamp. One is in one of the Ruins, who tells his mother, a Banshee, that they have guests, before the Banshee Babies that spawn kill him. Another is found at the Radio Tower (in at least one of the versions). He asks the player to kill him, "relieving him of his watch." This suggests that he may be a member of the Outsiders.

Trivia Edit

  • Two of the madmen seem to drop Rusty Keys upon death. The Rusty Key unlocks a door at the Doctor's House, so the madman at the Village Dropping a copy of it is probably an oversight.
  • The madman at the Doctor's House complains about a heavy headache, this might be a clue as to how Chompers are created. Also, there is a slight but noticeable split forming down the middle of his head.