Mayor's House
Mayor's House
The Village
Type Minor Location
Characters Mayor, Old Woman
Creatures None
Notable loot None
Notes Can be entered after killing The Sow
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The Mayor's House is a minor location in the Silent Forest Village.

Outside the house an older woman can be found banging incessantly on a window, angrily decrying the Mayor for not supplying her enough meat rations. The Mayor will irately explain that the Sow is no longer producing enough meat. This is likely due to illness. However, just outside the house will be wheelbarrows full of pig meat.

The house itself cannot be accessed. It has two locked metal doors, one of which would lead into the Mayor's room, and one of which leads to a set of stairs. Both doors require a key (said key has not currently been found). If the player attempts to open either of them the Mayor will, in his frustration, tell the player to leave, before he lets loose "Antek". After that point the guttural growl of a Red Chomper can be heard in the house.

If the player goes to the Pig Shed and kills the Sow, a Villager will ask that they see the Mayor in the Village Cellar for a "chat". If the player goes to the Mayor's house the locked door to the staircase will be open, allowing entrance to said Village Cellar.

Notes Edit

  • If the player kills the old woman outside, nothing happens. The Mayor will simply stop talking.
  • If the player forcefully breaks into the Mayor's House, "Antek" will also be released.