"You are one ugly bastard. I guess you got what you deserved."

The Mirror is something like a major character in Darkwood.

He could be best described as the distorted reflection of the protagonist in a broken mirror. The mirror can be found, and talked to, in either the Cottage (A) or the Pig Shed, either of which trigger the same psychedelic monologue of the protagonist depending on the game state.

Trivia Edit

  • A line from the Alpha 1.1 changelog appears to hint towards the Mirror being added. The line reads: "You can now... talk to yourself."
  • From what can be glimpsed in the mirror's image, the protagonist seems to wear a brown coat and a big rimmed hat, with a partially hidden face.
  • There are some references to the protagonist having a disfigured face, either from some sort of purposeful mutilation or from the plague that is corrupting the forest (e.g. Wolfman: "...but judging by your face, someone has already done just that", which was once a line in his initial conversation with the player.

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