Monoculus icon
Inhabited areas in the Swamp
Behavior Peaceful
Attack type No attacks
Drops Cannot be killed
Health -
Running Speed -
Stamina Unknown
View Distance -
Damage -
Notes When the eye closes, it creates a glow similar to that of a Glare.
Release Alpha 8
The Monoculus is a single-eyed creature that resides in most places in Chapter 2, within the Swamp, inhabiting areas with living people; such as the Swamp Cottage, Hideout 4, the Radio Tower, and the Village.

The eye creature, when in direct view of the Protagonist, closes defensively. In doing so a tentacle nearby will disappear and a light similar to a Glare will form in its place. Unlike a Glare, however, it does not harm the player. The light will instead light up entire areas during the night, and burn the Black Substance off of objects and creatures.

It cannot be attacked or killed.

Notes Edit

  • Monoculus is a post-Classical Latin term for a 'one-eyed human/creature.' It is not the official name, simply serving as a place-holder name until the canon name is found.

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