Skills moth
Tier I
Type Positive
Use Active
Duration 20
Once a day, you can restore health when standing next to turned on lamps.
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Moth is among the first Skills the player may acquire in Darkwood.

Upon activation, the skill applies the Moth Status Effect on the player for 20 seconds. During this time, being in close proximity to turned on electrical lights regenerates the player's health by roughly 0.06 pips per second, granting approximately 1.2 pips of health when used as efficiently as possible.

After activation, the skill becomes usable again the next dawn.

Notes Edit

  • The light source must be electrical and part of the scenery. For example, a player-held Flashlight or a Fire will not activate the regeneration. This effectively means the player must use lamps or other electric lights that are present in various Locations, such as Hideouts.