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Mushroom Granny is a major character in Darkwood. She resides in her home in the Mushroom Glades, where she sleeps peacefully in her rocking chair.

She's an older woman who seems to be sprouting Mushrooms all over her head. From her interactions and particularly from the way she speaks, she comes across as rather stern, with a more, 'no-nonsense' attitude. She treats others (like the player) in the strict manner one might treat a child.

She can be approached but at first glance she'll be asleep. The player has the choice of either: leaving her, picking one of the mushrooms on her head, or waking her up. The latter will allow further interaction with her. She'll ask to know what the Protagonist wants. The player can then choose to either point at the metal door besides her (where the Child, her grandson, lies), or say nothing. It doesn't matter what the player chooses, Mushroom Granny will dismissively wave them away and go back to sleep, telling him to come back when he knows what he wants. It is revealed from showing the Photo of a Woman with a Child and an Old Lady to her and the Cripple that she is the mother of the Elephants' mother. She is also the grandmother of The Three.

Quests Edit

The Child Edit

The Elephants ask the player to find one of their lost children.

The lost child can be found behind the locked metal door besides Mushroom Granny. The only way to enter is by using the Mushroom Granny Key. There are a few options as to how to approach. The player may kill Mushroom Granny for the key; or they can follow her quest line until the end, where they will be rewarded with it instead. Whichever choice is made will adversely affect the Child.

Sticks and Stones Edit

The player can show Granny the Drawings and she will give the player access to the locked room or ask that they deal with some raiders that have been causing her trouble (if The Sow is killed in Chapter 1). Apparently these people have visited her house in their feverish craving for Mushrooms and disturbed her. They can be found in the Quarry. They are (seemingly) sick Villagers, many of which are in a catatonic state. The player could kill all of them to complete the quest or lie to Granny. Following that, the player may enter the room and retrieve the child.

As of Alpha 9.1, the player may also opt to complete this quest by destroying the wooden logs holding up a large boulder just outside the entrance to the Quarry. Destroying the logs causes the rock to fall into place and seal off the quarry, presumably cutting off the Villagers inside from the rest of the Swamp. The player may then return to Mushroom Granny and tell her that the villagers have been taken care of, and she will reward him the key and access to the locked room.

As a farewell after presenting the player with the key, the Granny tells the player to return the next day for a reward. Doing so will result in the player receiving the Sweater.

If the player lies to Granny, she will be eaten by the Villagers the next day.

Showing Items Edit

In the conversation screen, the Protagonist can show various story items to her.

Trivia Edit

  • Alpha 8.1 added a few more sprites to Mushroom Granny.
  • The player may eat the old woman at any point in time; although, aside from providing immediate access to the Child and the Mushroom Granny Key, there is no positive benefit for doing so.
  • The player may also pluck up to several Mushrooms from her head before attempting to wake her during the initial encounter. Plucking too many, however, will cause the player to be unable to resist eating the old woman.

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