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Musician is a major character in Darkwood. He is a resident of the forest who is changing due to the Plague. He can ultimately help the player eventually get out of the forest if they help him.

Chapter 1 Edit

The Musician is found fiddling away in disturbing fashion on his instrument in front of the Chicken Lady's House in The Village, much to the annoyance of the Chicken Lady. He appears after Chicken Lady has been spoken to for the first time.

The Musician fancies the Pretty Lady and wants to "save" her from the Chicken Lady. To do this, he wants the Key to her locked room, which he believes could be found in Mr Janek's House.

The player has to choose whether to hand over the key to Musician or Wolfman. If the key is given to Musician, he will still request the player to fetch him a Violin from his parents' house before revealing the Doctor's location.

If the player retrieves him the Violin, the Musician will deduce that if his mother consented in lending him the violin, then his parents are no longer angry with him. He decides to move back to his parents' house in Old Woods and invites the player to meet him there.

If the player appeared to have killed his parents (in the form of two Red Chompers) Musician will stand outside the house weeping aware of player's doing, and unwilling to talk to him again. Two graves can be found in front of him, containing his parent's bodies. Sadly, there is no Shovel to loot from this excursion.

The Musician will be found torn in half on the floor of the house with a Red Chomper standing over him. On his corpse will be the violin.

Chapter 2 Edit

Alpha 9.1 - If the player chooses to kill The Sow in Chapter 1, and assuming the Musician survives the events of this chapter (it is not known any longer whether or not the Musician is guaranteed to die as a result of pursuing his questline), the Musician makes a final appearance in the Swamp. After the player retrieves the Child from the Mushroom Granny, upon returning to the Hideout they will find the metal door in the room adjacent to the workbench area unlocked, and a small light inside the room turned on. Upon entry, the player's health will begin to drop rather quickly (presumably to prevent players from camping at night behind the otherwise indestructible metal door), and investigating the very corner of the room will reveal the Musician, who was hiding there after being expelled from the camp with the other Villagers. Currently, he can be shown no items at this point in the game, nor does he offer any particularly useful information, other than a bit of post-chapter 1 lore.

If you let the Musician stay in your Hideout, he will capture a Rat after a couple of nights. Later on, you find him playing with a Ping Pong ball, which the protagonist can keep or return to him.

Alert major This article contains major spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.

Epilogue Edit

If the player has not interacted with the Musician after his encounter at The Chicken Lady's House, and manages to achieve the "True Ending," then it is stated that The Musician managed to escape the inferno and is speculated to have been rescued. This happens as well if you follow his quest-line but kill his parents.

Showing Items Edit

In the conversation screen the player can show various story items to Musician.

  • Key: Musician thanks the player sincerely and hands them the Chestnut Doll. He wants to visit the Pretty Lady to play her songs, but doesn't want to do so without a proper, well-tuned Violin, and requests the player to go fetch it for him from the Creepy House. He also asks to give to his mother the Card that he made for her.

Trivia Edit

  • If Musician gets killed, the Chicken Lady appears to be sorrowful after all.
  • If the Key is given to the Musician and the player has a full inventory, he will drop the Card received on the ground.
  • The Musician is playing the nursery rhyme "Frère Jacques", with some mistakes.
  • After Chapter 2, the Musician's appearance becomes significantly less child-like, and he remarks to the player that he has "grown alot" recently, implying that his condition is advancing.

Gallery Edit

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