Night events occur in the Hideout at night either randomly or as a consequence of previous actions.

List of Night Events Edit

Alert minor This section contains minor spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.

Banshee Edit

A high-pitched scream can be heard in the distance and a large flock of Crows flies over the Hideout. This signals a Banshee's impending arrival.

The Banshee can be encountered in every hideout.

Banshee Nest Edit

Usually around night 2 or 3, a Banshee will appear over a newly formed nest in or around the hideout, upon being approached it will vanish, leaving an object titled "?" in the nest. This object can be extracted for essence, or used to heal.

Bugs Edit

In this event, the Huge Bugs will begin to spawn from holes in the floor and spread Worms into the hideout. Killing the bugs can prevent them from spawning worms but also may alert more dangerous enemies. This event will not occur in Hideout 1.

Glare Edit

In Hideout 4, the player is sometimes visited by a special Glare. Unusually, this Glare warps around, changing locations in the hideout and forcing the player to move out of its way.

Molotov Attack Edit

The Hideout may also be hit on one of the sides by a Molotov Cocktail thrown from the shadows, usually preceded by audio effects.

Mushroom Spawn Edit

Spontaneous growth of harvestable Poisonous Mushrooms sometimes appear in the Hideout, which yield special odd mushrooms. Their appearance is signaled by a cluster of moving lights, similar to fireflies.

Nightly Invasions Edit

One of the biggest nightly threats are the creatures that lurk around and may even enter the Hideout if entrances aren't properly barricaded. The types of invading creatures vary on hideout location as follows:

Additionally, Centipedes may lurk around Hideout 4 and come out to attack the player during the Time Freeze.

Passerby Edit

If not barricaded, doors may open seemingly by themselves. Sometimes when this happens, a set of footsteps can be heard moving through the hideout, exiting through another door if possible.

Poltergeist Edit

Starting as a faint rumbling noise, the sound grows in volume, and a powerful unknown force begins to shift the movable objects in the Hideout, leaving only messy piles of furniture behind when it leaves.

Sacrifice Edit


Sacrifice remains in the morning, as seen in-game.

A Savage may be set on fire right outside of the player's Hideout, possibly as some sort of message. The body will remain there until morning, and can be looted for some common items. The ring of fire will also be surrounded by symbols drawn in the earth, similar to those seen in the Markings location.

Savages and Dogs Edit

When a howl is heard at night, a group of dogs - normal Dogs if in the Dry Meadow or Huge Dogs if in the Silent Forest - will spawn near the hideout, alongside one or two Savages. The savages and dogs often end up fighting, killing or severely damaging each other.

Shadows Edit

Shadows are ghost-like entities that start appearing once you select the shadows negative trait.

This event starts off with a whispering sound, followed by random lamps turning off (if any are on.) After this, the Shadows themselves appear and deal damage to the player if they do not move into light. It's recommended to move to a functioning lamp/generator or use a flare.

Take care not to stand too close to the edge of visible light as well: some shadows, because of their animation, will actually appear in light and then swiftly move into darkness before disappearing. This can result in the player taking damage.

Unknown Benefactor Edit

Sometimes during the night, the front door of the Hideout is knocked repeatedly. The knocking turns into aggressive slamming if the door isn't opened. Should the player investigate, they will find a helpful item placed on their doorstep. This loot, among other things, may be:

Notes: It is safer to investigate in the Dry Meadow and Silent Forest, but be very careful investigating the knocking while in the Old Woods, it may alert dangerous creatures to your presence, be warned, however, that not investigating occasionally seems to result in your front door being broken down.

Wind Storm Edit

An unusually strong wind ravages the hideout.

Strange Whispers Edit

An exclusive event to Hideout 4. Occasionally during the night the power will go out (in a fashion reminiscent of the arrival of a Banshee, or of the Shadows), and the radio will turn on by itself. A strange voice will then speak in broken sentences - often to say complete gibberish. Once it has stopped the power comes back on.

Sometimes, the radio will say "come back" in a garbled and distinctly feminine voice. After the radio dies, the Protagonist 'says' "Soon. I am close enough."

Full Moon Edit

An exclusive event to Hideout 4 (as of Alpha 10). Sometimes during the night, the spawning of Huge Dogs will increase drastically (unconfirmed if other creatures cease to spawn, though other creatures seem sparse). This event is signaled by a sudden change of ambient music looped until sunrise, recognizable by the howling sound in the music.

The Inferno Edit

Alert major This section contains major spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.

An exclusive event to Hideout 4.

A non-randomized, endgame (As of alpha 8.0) event triggered by the player by burning the Talking Tree. During the night the lights will go out and the radio will ask, 'Why did you do this?' before the radio and surrounding area are engulfed in flame. From the flames, burning, blackened humanoid creatures called Villagers will come streaking towards the player at a fast speed (to deal fire damage on contact). They spawn infinitely until the night is over.

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