The oven before it is lit.


The oven when it is lit.

The Oven is a feature of every Hideout in Darkwood. When lit, it grants the Night Protection buff by emanating a miasma that prevents the Floor Gore from invading the Hideout.

It's also a crucial part of the skill leveling system. The Protagonist can level up his skills when using it by converting hallucinogens to essence. The amount of extracted essence is directly influenced by the oven efficiency: an oven efficiency of 4 means that the player will extract four times more essence from hallucinogens.

The oven in Hideout 1 is already lit from the start, but ovens in later hideouts have to be lit manually. Ovens don't require items to be lit and don't have to be fueled.

Using the oven will save the player's game.

Efficiency Edit

Place Oven Efficiency
Icon hideout Hideout 1 1
Icon hideout Hideout 2 4
Icon hideout Hideout 3 16
Icon hideout Hideout 4 64

Notes Edit

  • In Alpha 5.0, the Ovens at individual Hideouts could be upgraded in order to extract more essence from hallucinogens. This feature was scrapped in favor of having their efficiency scale in later areas.